Monday, February 4, 2013

Vacation 2013 - part 3.1 - Gutach in the Black Forrest

Monday February 4th we left Lelystad for the last part of our vacation: eight days in an appartment in Gutach, in the middle of the Black Forrest.

The journey went well and in the afternoon we reached the farm in Gutach. Our appartment was in a building next to the farm.
The Black Forrest was beautiful with dark pines and some green pastures on the lower parts. I thought to take some pictures later, but the next day it started to snow and the remaining days our view was like a winter wonderland!

We were welcomed by the farmers son and Max, the old Bernese Mountain dog (nearly 12 years old!).

Chimay loved the balcony, nice and cool with a nice view:

This is the farmhouse, the "Blumbauernhof", a big farm as seen in the Black Forrest. The farmer raises Angus cows and makes great sausages, we tasted some that were very good!.

Because of the snow in some shopping streets there were warning signs for "roof avalanches", I had at first no idea what that ment, but here a picture of the snow coming from the roof of the farm. You can see the big pile of snow on the left corner of the farm, not nice if you get that on your head!

Every hour the red train passed through the valley.

Frank with the groceries.

Ari and Chimay on the balcony.

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