Monday, February 11, 2013

Vacation 2013 - part 3.6 - Titisee and Freiburg

For the last day we planned a trip to the famous Titisee. Turned out to be a big diappointment, not only because it was frozen so we were unable to see the "crystal clear" water, but mainly because it was one big tourist catching place, even in winter there must be payed for parking in the whole village. We decided right away to drive on. I took this picture of the Titisee from the car.

We drove to the next big lake, the Sluchtsee, noting much going on over here...

Frank and Anita next to the Sluchtsee

So what to do? The city of Freiburg is not far away, maybe it is better there!
The views on the way to Freiburg were great:

Ou first impessions of Freiburg:

When we waited for a traffic light I noticed we could see ourselves in a mirror ;-)

First a walk along the river, appriciated by Chimay and Ari.

Then to the center of the city, where the carnival parade just had ended, here and there we saw groups in their carnival outfit.

In the middle of a small river a granite statue of a crocodile:

A bit further we walked past the oldest hotel of Germany, Hotel Bären:

Meanwhile we did long for a good cup of coffee and found a nice place on the terrase of spezerei Manna. And a "little" something with the coffee...

More people coming from the carnival parade.

Chimay was very friendly to this she-devil, she was allowed to pet her.

The last pictures: a nice church with a statue in front of it.

This was the end of a great vacation, the next day we went back home, it was sad to leave, we would have liked to stay a bit longer in the beautiful Black Forrest. Maybe one day we will go there again :-).

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