Sunday, June 30, 2013

all roses in my backgarden

Rosa 'Schneewittchen' aka 'Iceberg'
white, fragrant

Rosa 'Mein München'
yellow with red, fragrant

Rosa 'Nostalgie'
white with red, fragrant

Rosa 'The Prince'
David Austin rose
purple, strong spicy fragrance

Rosa 'Easy Going'
gold, fragrant

Rosa 'Graham Thomas'
David Austin rose
dark yellow, fragrant

Rosa 'Lichtköningin Lucia'
yellow, fragrant

cutting rose, rosered, scentless

miniature rose, red, scentless

Rosa 'Isabel Renaissance'
deep red, fragrant

Rosa 'Westerland'
at first orane, later rose/yellow, fragrant
at this picture the flower just opened

Rosa 'Westerland'

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