Thursday, July 11, 2013

three Pekingese in the zoo - part 1

I thought it would be fun to go to the zoo again. My last visit to Burgers Zoo was in 2005, together with Ine, Callisto and Chimay
Sadly dogs are not welcome in that zoo anymore. But two in two other zoo's dogs are still allowed: Amersfoort Zoo and Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen.

Sacha, Ari, Dunja and Jolanda                                      
Jolanda thought it would be nice to go together, she and her husband own six Pekingese, among them two sisters of Ari: Sacha, Ari's litter-sister and Dunja, his half-sister (same sire).
These two went with us to the Zoo in Amersfoort.

We picked a good day, after some warm days, it had cooled down this day. But Pekingese legs are short and a whole day walking around is a bit too much asked. So we took the strollers with us.

Sacha and Dunja sit together in the big stroller...

...and Ari in his small stroller.
The fist animals we saw were the brown bears.
Those were mighty big animals, smelling weird!
Ari was a little overwhelmed.

a coypu (aka nutria)

Then we passed some awsome birds, sadly most pictures I took failed, so the only picture here is of a Snowy Owl.

We stood a while at the Asian elephants.

The lynx live in a fairly spacious enclosue, at one side you can see them through the glass, at the other side through the wire.

A beautiful Japanese garden with a pond where koi and sturgeons live.

Around the Japanese garden are the enclosures of Japanese animals. This is the Japanese crane.

The two Japanese cranes together.

Japanese macaque (or Snow monkey)

to be continued


doobie mulder said...

Hi Anita

I read your journal last night and was compelled to revisit it again today. It really evoked a special memory of my recent trip to Ouwehands.

Ari, Sacha and Dunja all look so happy in their strollers - are their tongues exposed because of the excitement of the trip?

I eagerly await your publication of Part II - please do not stop writing; you have a special place within yourself where words live.


Xin-Feng Chow Chows said...

hi Doobie & Anne

Part two is not finshed yet, but I hope to publish it tomorrow :-)

Since Ari saw his sisters in a stroller, he behaves better in his stroller.
Pekingese have their tongues come out often. Their muzzles are very short, so if they are a little bit warm or excited the tongue pops out. Some people think that is cute, but in fact it is an excessive trait in their conformation. The original Pekingese had more muzzle.