Thursday, July 11, 2013

three Pekingese in the zoo - part 2


We have put the strollers aside to look a bit closer at the donkeys.

It took a while but Ari got it about half way: we are here to watch and smell all kinds of strange living creatures!

The Siberian tiger is really majestic!
Look at those paws!
There were two of them, but the other did not like to be photographed. This one stood still for a moment so I (and many others) could take a picture.
So much going on at the baboons,
even the Pekingese were briefly interested.

Three days ago a Grèvy zebra was born. His mom kept him in the center
of the enclosure, away from the other animals and the public.
Some other Grèvy zebras came closer to us.

The Patagonian mara is a large rodent. I like their colors and their sweet head.
yellow mangoose (aka red meerkat)

You can go up at the other side of the enclosure where the Grèvy zebras and the giraffes are, there you can look the giraffes in the eye ;-)
Both spotted hyenas were sleeping.

At the end of our tour through the zoo we saw the meerkats. Dogs and meerkats are always fun. The meerkats are curious and move around a lot. On the picture you see Ari watching the meerkats.

This meerkat is looking from the corner of his eye to the dogs.

Sacha and Dunja look at the meerkat too :-)
It was a nice day in the Amersfoort Zoo. I really recommend a visit and it is nice that welbehaved dogs can accompany their owners!


doobie mulder said...

Hi Anita

I got so excited this evening when my Mum announced that you had published Part 2. It is such a great journal; the photographs are wonderful and your diary notes complement the atmosphere of the the day beautifully. My Mum is in awe of all your talents.

In particular, I loved the picture of Ari watching the meerkats - my Mum told me this was a mirror image of me when I viewed the meerkats at Ouwehands. I wonder what the meerkat was thinking when he was peeking out at Ari and friends from the corner of his eye!

My Mum and I are confident Ari and crew will like Ouwehands as it houses as many 'cage-less' exhibits as possible and a lot of the animals can be observed in very natural settings. A must see at Ouwehands is the Bear Forest - all the bears there were rescued from their former mistreated lives and it is such a pleasure to watch them roam in total freedom. We hope any memories of their past tortured lives have been erased.

Thank you for sharing your journal, which inspired me to persuade my Mum and Dad to allow me to taste another 'slice of life'. Yes, after much begging and pleading this evening, my Mum and Dad have promised to take me to Amersfoort Zoo on 18 August, weather permitting. I really cannot wait!


Anita Meulstee said...

Hi Doobie

Say thanks to your Mum!

Meerkats and dogs are always fun, every time we visited a zoo with the Chow Chows the meerkats were among their favorites. Although some of your female ancestors would have LOVED to chase the tigers and other big cats ;-)

We might visit Ouwehands next year. It sound like a nice zoo too.

I hope you enjoy Dierenpark Amersfoort as much as we did!
But first we are eagerly anticipating your visit next Saturday :-)